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Luxury, high-quality cotton construction with bamboo fiber wide 96 inches, i.e., about 244 cm. Filler made of natural fiber is breathable and far more durable. Very suitable for baby blanket-it is wonderfully soft,antibacterial effects.Made from long fiber cotton (no waste!) and the softest bamboo fibre, no chemicals, no bleaching.

1 pc = 10 cm

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96 "(2.44) wide tarpaulins, 50% bamboo/50% cotton,stable version.
Bamboo is a natural velvety soft, absorbent fiber with unique antibakteriáními properties, soft as silk, so products made from it are very pleasant to the touch. Warm in winter, cool in the summer.

This blend of cotton and bamboo combines the best properties of both materials, the result is a luxuriously měká,heart-warming,breathable and durable filler.

Ideal for machine,so hand quilting up to 8"(20cm) apart.

Easy handling even with a big blanket.

No crawling of the fibers through the fabric and the well-known "beads" on the surface!

The filler nice and adheres to the fabric - no need for so much stitching (špendlení) before quiltováním.
3% of the clotting.

Stable version - purely natural fibers are for reinforcement propíchaná through a very thin polypropylene layer and that has a fleece high strength and retains its shape.No need for so much quiltovat and filler "doesn't pay",nežmolkuje and necuckovatí.

Natural fibre - breathable, warm, absorbs sweat.

Wash on a gentle program, dry at a low temperature.

Made in the USA.

Width 244 cm
Compositions bambus
Compositions Cotton
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