MATHILDAS OWN - Construction 60% wool/40% cotton


Manufacturer: Matildas Own

Condition: New


Luxury australian tarpaulins - it is slightly thicker than cotton tarpaulins and gives you the best of both materials - the warmth of wool and softness of cotton. Warm in winter, cool in summer, pure natural. Wonderfully soft and warm.

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Contains only natural fibres - cotton is breathable, so are cool in the summer and in the winter to keep you warm. Wool also breathes, and creates small air pockets that hold heat, absorbs moisture.Holds 3x more vlhosti than its weight. This means that you stay warm without you were sweaty.

Width: approx 243
Předepraný and precipitated,antibacterial treated.
Fiber neprolézají.
Ideal for machine quilting. Prošívat can be up to 20 cm from each other.
60% wool
40% cotton
Made from australian wool and cotton.
Great for allergy sufferers.
No glue, resin, etc.
Can be washed in the washing machine and dry in the dryer on a gentle program.
The residual zrážlivost: 2,5%
Width 244 cm
Compositions Cotton
Compositions Wool
The COLOR of the přírodní

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